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I want to crawl
on the vowels of your name.
And chase the curve
of your voice with my tongue
on your mouth.
I wonder why I feel like an animal,
when you start grinning with those lips.

Leone. -s.p. (via mystrangesilhouettes)
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You are
infinite beauty
in a finite body -

burn boldly,
glow gently,
whole and humble

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That's What You Get

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When he caresses the keys
building to the strike of lightning
upon my heartstrings,
chords of my core vibrating
with his worship,
he is his hymn,
playing along my spine,
reforming me within his frequency,
changing me within his transitions,
altering me as he composes
elevated, otherworldly anthems
of my soul

- mermaidsbite / Christiane Lopez

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there’s a map of pilgrimage on your hands,
the kind that leaves roads and marks
on the strongest and bravest skin;
revolutions and respite.

i’m alive in the silence of gravity,
in the murders of botany,
and in the chaos beneath the good man’s feet,
like a girl who wasn’t your daughter.

who never was your daughter.

i miss the summer skies and the chill
of early autumn when it hits your bones;
the whole world is woodsmoke and shivers,
like the girl who can’t be your daughter.

the choirs below are achy and smooth,
like whisky and wine and the scent of regret.
in six months you’ll be missing the sound of the earth,
like the girl who isn’t your daughter.


on tap at the bar, a.m.

(Persephone + Demeter, for medleypond.) 

(via renaissnce)
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I tried to write invisibly,
but all lifetime is a candle.

Richard Kenney, closing lines to “Coda,” The New Yorker (15 October 2007)
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Many people need desperately to receive this message: ‘I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.

Kurt Vonnegut (via sometimesitjustmakessense)
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Tread with care
for I could be
the blade of grass
beneath your feet.

Ashley Marie Egan (via darlingashez)
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I searched for you in every nook and cranny.
I turned the house upside down, rummaging through cupboards and draws like a thief looking for loot.
I searched under the door mat, between the cushions on the couch and I even tried the side of the fridge.
I searched behind the books and behind the bookshelf, and all I found was old love letters creased in between Hemingway books.
I checked in the jam jars and in the milk bottles yet nothing was found, nor in the bread bin or biscuit tin.
The closest I got was finding your name at the bottom of an alcohol flask and words you left behind in a vodka bottle.

-Vodka and love letters.

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